Privacy Statement

We here at portaportal take the privacy of our users very seriously, so we are willing to make the following promises to you.

We will never give out your email address. We take it only so that we have a way of reminding you of your password if you lose it. If you are that sensitive about it just sign up for a free web based email client and give us that address. You don't even have to check it.

Portaportal does not nor has never condoned illegal uses. We will be quick to curtail any such activity and contact the authorities if deemed appropriate.

Your bookmarks will never be linked to your email address. We will never willingly give out the information involving who is bookmarking what page. As far as we are concerned who or what you link to is your business.

standards. Portalportal reserves the right to remove public free portals that do not adhere to these standards.

You can feel free to keep personal pages inside your portal. We will not be publishing compiled lists of sites marked private. That having been said you should be aware that the chance to be broken into, while slight, is there. So for bookmarks that are of an important and sensitive manner some caution should be used. Portalportal accepts no responsibility nor provides any guarantee of security or uptime. The user accepts all risks associated with publishing links or data on the web.